Being a Soldier For Peace

Being a soldier means many things to many people.  But basically it is a cohesive group who have one goal in mind and that is to live in peace and have fun.  Their motivation or motivators can vary from Country, Clan, Religion or resources.

I support everyones right to be happy.  I don’t care what you do, don’t do, believe in or not.  No one has the right to infringe on another person’s right to physical and mental happiness.  I believe the majority of humans are on the side of Peace and Happiness.  But sometime we are on the side of Peace and Happiness to a point of our own detriment.  

Being Soldier does not mean to kill, destroy, eliminate, bomb or shoot.  Look at the Salvation Army.  But being a Soldier for Peace does not mean watching passively as Evil roams free.  Being an American in America is great because the infrastructure is already in place.  Taxes, government, military, laws, courts, police, as well social service.  So we have a great system in place to work within.  You don’t even have to be an American in America to be happy in this great Country.  As you you see I love the United States of America.

Being a Soldier for Peace is easy.  Believe in being happy, believe in others having the right to be happy, allow children to be children, girls and boys are equal, men and women are equal.  Understand some people are smarter than you, some people are not as wise as you, everyone is not a leader, everyone is a follower.  Share and give something, and understand everyone doesn’t share the same.  Peace on Earth in our lifetime is the goal.  Then the stars!!

Am I Crazy?

My mother told me when I was a child that I was smart and she loved me. Of course, I believed her. But as I’ve gotten older I realized I am of average intelligence and my brain is nothing special. I have watched the world on TV and the Internet. I have wondered at our selfishness, brutality, and lack of respect for our Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, Friends, Relatives and Neighbors. My brain cannot comprehend how some groups of people inflict indiscriminate, unwarranted violence against another human being.

I know, I don’t have a solution to stop the violence, and I never will. That’s a fact! But I would love to see a time where there is Peace on Earth and prosperity for all.   I would love to see a time when everyone can dream and make it happened. I would love to see a time when everyone doesn’t have to worry about Food, Shelter, Security and the best Medical Care.

In my short life of 60 years I have seen major leaps in all aspects of our society, from technology to social behavior. There are more good people then bad people in the world. Many of these good people seek to better human kind.

I have seen many smart people. They come in all labels. They are different races, religions, colors, gender, sizes, sexual orientation and temperaments. As I said earlier, I can’t solve the worlds problems, I don’t have that ability. But as a people we can.

As my Mother told me as a child, she loved me, and that made all the difference in my world. We have to love each other and say to each other “I Love You”, and believe what we say. Am I crazy for wanting Peace and Love? No! Just average.

Peace is Learned & Earned

At our core we love the same things.  To be loved, to touch, to eat, to sleep, to make merry.  At our core we love to compete, to fight, to lust, to worship, to follow, to lead.  At our core we are born and we die. We are the sum total of our experience, whether good or bad. There are more people who want to enjoy life, then be miserable.  Only wealth can change the world, not war.  Sad, but true.  Our past does not define us, only the future does.

Peace Starts With You